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Hey there! I'm Oberon Berlage.

Work Experience I have worked as a freelance software engineer on several projects in data engineering, frontend & backend development. I currently work at Appjection as a full-stack software engineer on the automation of legal processes (which is surprisingly fun!).

Degrees I have a Bsc. in Food Technology, with a major in Process Engineering and Process Optimisation, from Wageningen University and a MSc. in Data Science from the University of Amsterdam. I wrote my masterthesis on improving the automated segmentation of radio shows using audio embeddings, which was graded 9/10.


Software Engineering I write code in several languages, and currently use Python, TypeScript, JavaScript and PHP on a day-to-day basis. I have some experience with Java and Go. I’ve used webdevelopment frameworks like Laravel, React, and Firebase. I’m comfortable using relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL and have some experience with non-relational databases such as ElasticSearch, Firestore and MongoDB. I know my way around on the command-line and never start a project without using git.

Data Science I can translate business problems into data science problems and propose methods based on scientific literature. I enjoy ETL-processes and doing exploratory data analysis. I’ve worked on a bunch of machine learning & deep learning projects both inside & outside of university. I have some experience with Spark & Hadoop, but mostly get things done in Python using libraries llike Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, Matplotlib, Keras, etc.

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